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We manufacture a wide variety of  Transparent  Soaps. Our team is working hard to fulfil the requirements of our clients by making soaps in different specifications. We offer these soaps in stylish packings and in different quantity packing.

We have a wide infrastructure, which is equipped with high end machines to manufacture a range of transparent soap. While manufacturing, we use the latest ingredient technology in our soaps to enhance the quality of the product.

Elephant Narols are best washing soap narols for White Clothes and other dress materials. It contains no chemicals and made from pure oils  which provides extra –whiteness and long life to clothes.

Elephant Plant make Narol today has much more demand. Its shiny and dish bar type looks not only gives proper satisfaction to customers but washes clothes more bright. It is not hand made soap but made by variuos type of machines after passing  so many processes.
Our Narol Soap has won hearts of millions becouse of its safer use also. There are no skin problems using it.

Because of the superior quality, the product developed a large customer base that increased with time. Today the product is rated as the most widely distributed product.


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